Bringing a new dimension to 3D scanning technology

The latest innovation in 3D scanning technology was unveiled by Fanview in conjunction with Repronauts and Ross Video at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas.
Designed to make 3D scanning accessible and cost-effective for sports governing bodies, broadcasters and sponsors, the demonstration showcased the combination of portable 3D scanning with 3rd party motion capture data to deliver stunning results in a studio AR environment.
The attached clip shows a boxer scanned in a static, generic position, using a fully-portable Repronauts rig with the capture process completed in less than two minutes. The model is then rendered out in very high definition – way higher than that needed by standard television broadcast to maintain quality no matter what size is required for a project.
Now comes the really clever bit. 3rd party motion capture data is then applied to the model. So, the boxer can punch, weave and duck with no need for cat suits covered in luminous discs. All-in-all, a very cost-effective scanning and animation solution.
At this point, Ross Video were able to insert their model into an AR scene using their XPression broadcast graphics technology, combined with a camera fitted with a tracking head.
The result – an ultra-realistic, moving model of our boxer that can be placed in a presentation studio environment, on a pitch during a live outside broadcast or a whole host of other use case possibilities beyond just sport.
New augmentations and improvements to the technology are arriving week on week. Watch this space for more information…
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