3D Scanning Technology

Add a new dimension to your broadcast

Ever feel your digital and broadcast output is all a bit flat, a bit two dimensional? Like the look of 3D images and animations but are worried the costs may be out of reach for your business?

Fanview has joined forces with Repronauts to offer pioneering, photo-realistic, cost-effective, portable 3D scanning technology for broadcast and digital use.

Capable of scanning any object but primarily aimed at producing images of people, the capture process takes around 90 seconds.

Once rendered, the digital scans can be placed into a whole range of applications, including VR and AR scenes, traditional broadcast graphics and web / mobile applications. The scans can even be used to create models using a 3D printer.

The ability to animate the scans is now available for delivery, cleverly combining the static models with 3rd party motion capture data. And we are working with broadcast graphics providers to bring the models to life via pioneering techniques which employ the powerful rendering engines more-commonly used by games manufacturers.

Fanview are now actively producing scans for several high-profile broadcast clients and events.  Our scans appeared on the broadcast output of one of the world’s biggest sporting events held in the US earlier in the year with more internationally-renowned sporting events set to follow in the near future.

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