Cloud Video Editing Solutions


Experience the freedom of editing in the cloud

Feel constrained by your current non-linear edit work flows? Need to scale around events but don’t want to invest in costly edit suites? Fanview can help.

At Fanview, we are using our long experience in broadcast and digital editing technology to offer our clients a range of cutting edge cloud-based solutions.

Blackbird differs from traditional non-linear editing products in many ways.

  • No need for permanent hardware stations, it can be run via a browser on any laptop
  • Once content is ingested, editors can work anywhere in the world using the cloud
  • Licensing is scaleable according to production needs rather than on a per software copy basis
  • Edits, once completed, can be delivered directly to social media platforms, production servers or into traditional edit packages for polishing.

Blackbird integrates seamlessly with many existing technologies and even features a handy capture tool allowing on-site producers to film content and deliver it to the cloud within seconds via a relatively limited amount of connectivity.

Free up your work flows.

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