Broadcast & Digital Graphics

Solutions tailored to your individual needs

Boasting several decades of experience in the on-screen graphics space, Fanview is working with several clients to help them deliver a range of stunning broadcast and digital experiences using both well-established and emerging technology.

We currently offer three distinct services:

  1. Project Management: Working with clients on a specific broadcast or digital project to assess their needs, then supply the most effective creative design and software / hardware solution for outstanding on-screen graphics delivery.
  2. Solution Identification: Using our extensive market knowledge, fulfil a client’s needs by fully assessing the solutions available, then matching them with the optimal supplier.
  3. Innovation: Take a creative approach to a client’s needs, then guide them through the process of implementing a new approach or technology from idea to delivery.

Innovative solutions we have been looking at with a range of clients in the sport and esports space have ranged from on venue camera tracking to implementation of AR using animated 3D models.

Another good example is a project Fanview has been involved with to help rugby union PRO14 sponsors Guinness to take a new approach to delivering their on-pich logos.

The traditional method of painting logos directly on to the playing surface has proved an enduring way for sponsors to reach out to broadcast audiences. But it is not without its issues.

Fanview defined a digital workflow to place Guinness’ logos on to the pitch using optical tracking technology, offering several advantages over analogue methods; the logos do not need to be removed for different tournaments or sponsors, they can be easily updated either between or during matches and they do not come off in the rain on players.

We also worked with the client / broadcasters to ensure there were no compliance or legal issues involved.  After testing was completed, our work resulted in successful use of the technology on a live Sky Sports broadcast of a PRO14 match.