Social Media Insight & Analysis


Fanview and Blurrt have teamed up to offer a revolutionary way of analysing and dissecting  the social media audience.

As well as offering a powerful, live social media listening service around a topic, event or campaign, the platform’s clever sentiment scoring system delves deeper into the data to measures the language, context and tone of voice in each post.

It is then assigned a score ranging from -5 (highly negative) to +5 (highly positive) as well as visualising the mood of the audience into eight classic sentiment groups: happiness, sadness, anger, thankful, disgust, love, confusion and fear.

So rather than just relying on individual posts or sheer volume of social media content being produced around your chosen topic, now you can really get the measure of how the audience feels.

This can be displayed live in a dashboard form or used to create insightful, post-event reports.

Harness the power of your social media audience now.

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