Fanview Serve: make your media work for you

“Where are those promo video files? Aren’t they on the server somewhere? No, they’re on the hard drive in the desk drawer, aren’t they? What are they called again?”

Similar can be heard daily in organisations across the globe, an adverse side-effect of the modern proliferation of digital media formats and storage devices.

Fanview’s digital asset curation system, Serve, provides a powerful, cost-effective way to take control and make your media work for you.

Harnessing the power of the cloud, Serve allows organisations to bring all of their media together to be arranged in one elegant, browser-based interface, no matter where the files are stored, in whatever digital format.

Serve performs a crucial piece of curation work, opening up a world of opportunities as your digital headaches disappear.

Searching for, viewing and accessing content is simple thanks to Serve’s ability to organise your content in bespoke groups with addition of descriptive metadata.

Serve allows you to take control of your content, with differing levels of access rights to allow both colleagues and collaborators / clients to view and comment on your content. ¬†It’s also simple to publish video files to a variety of social media and digital platforms at the push of a button.

Serve – a powerful solution without a hefty price tag.

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