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Our passion for sport and technology drives us to design, build & deliver the most compelling and engaging sports fan experiences on the planet.

Our passion for sport and technology drives us to design, build & deliver the most compelling and engaging sports fan experiences on the planet.

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"We are humbled by the enthusiasm from fans around the world to experience the pinnacle of PUBG competition at PGI 2018. With the foundation laid at this year’s world championship event in Berlin, we made major strides in proving the potential of PUBG esports on a global scale and aim to present an even more robust esports offering in 2019 as we roll out our continued vision."

Changhan Kim - CEO

"The smooth workflow and delivery of fast turnaround highlights was rewarded with a tangible uplift in views on our social media platforms."

Phil Sibson - Managing Director

"It’s awesome to see that Epic eight months ago wasn’t doing anything on this scale, and now they’re pulling off an event like this amazingly."

Myth, Fortnite PRO-AM player

"Fanview’s understanding of the sports media marketplace and innovative ideas have been a great asset to Avid in helping us to position our sports graphics offering."

Keri Middleton - Field Marketing Director

Bristow and Piggott bring their talents to Fanview board

Fanview brings wealth of experienced talent on board with the addition of European Championships Co-Founder and DowJones digital product director.


Luxury fashion brands lean into gaming culture: What can we learn from this unlikely match?

Louis Vuitton, the ultimate French fashion house and luxury brand, is not exactly synonymous with the stereotypical gamer... But this isn’t the first time that a brand with a reputation to cater to the upper echelon of fashion’s elite has dipped its lavishly clad toe into the pool that is gaming, fashion and culture. Fanview explores what we can learn from this unlikely match.


Fanview wins Highly Commended for Best Esports Production

Fanview were honoured and humbled to receive the Highly Commended Award for "Best Esports Production" at the inaugural Broadcast Tech Innovation awards alongside partners De Tune Company and Epic Games.


Content Design & Delivery

Content is at the heart of everything Fanview does to create the ultimate fan experiences for our clients. Always with the end consumer in front of mind, we provide a rich variety of services to define, design and deliver content success. And once that content has been delivered, Fanview can make sure its performance is measured in user friendly and intelligent ways.

Broadcast, video, digital, social media or graphics - Fanview has a solution perfect for your unique requirements.

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We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of technology innovation, constantly looking for exciting new ways for our clients to reach and engage their audiences. We take a buy-versus-build approach, expertly combining “best-in-breed” technologies to build solutions with efficient and cost-effective workflows.

Using our experienced in-house development and innovation team, we create bespoke solutions, built around clients’ specific needs, as well as developing Fanview products where we detect a commercial opportunity to exploit a gap in the market. Whether it be an app build, video playout solution, API integration or virtual set, we love a challenge.

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Strategy, Marketing & Consultancy

We want organisations to be able to provide outstanding content, experiences and services to their audiences in innovative, cost-effective and commercially attractive ways. We can achieve this in a number of ways, based on our decades of extensive industry and business experience.

Working alongside our clients, we have tackled projects in product marketing, designed and defined technology solutions and planned business strategy. The breadth of our experience across broadcast, technology, digital and business makes us uniquely placed to set our clients on the road to success.

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