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Working to get Red Bull back in the game

Announcement / May 28th, 2021

Fanview oversees production as offline esports returns to the Gaming Sphere in Shoreditch.

When the Fanview team flew out of Nagoya, Japan, in December 2019, little did we realise that Red Bull Kumite was the last in-person gaming event we would be involved with for just shy of 18 months.

While we have been lucky enough to work on multiple remote tournaments in the time since that hugely-successful Street Fighter V event, other offline events have been cancelled or postponed in the wake of the global pandemic.

But thanks to Red Bull's commitment and drive, in-person gaming returned to their subterranean Gaming Sphere in Shoreditch, East London, in the shape of Kumite London 2021 over the weekend, bringing fighting games back to action-starved audiences globally.

Fanview has been deeply embedded in the team producing the broadcast output of the event for more than six months, leading on production strategy and direction, liaising with the sport, event organisation and marketing teams and delivering live executive production services on venue.

Storytelling and audiences are at the heart of all our projects and Kumite London 2021 was no exception. Our approach in esports is to get under the skin of the outstanding action on display for viewers, helping them understand the strategy and psychology of the top players on display.

To this end, we worked to ensure a number of analysis tools and techniques were fully realised on site including enabling the deployment of meaningful and timely replays commented on by the talent team after each Street Fighter V match, using a touch screen to tell broader stories about trends and strategies across multiple matches, increasing strong signposting and expanation of scores, tables, qualification and upcoming matches and encouraging regular touch point interviews with the players by both casters and reporters.

The beautifully-decorated Gaming Sphere also proved to be one of the stars of the show, sitting perfectly alongside the graphics look and feel of the broadcast where we ensured the fantastic artwork provided for each of the players and talent fed through into what appeared on screen.

And while the strict Covid rules and regulations added an additional layer of complexity to all involved in organising the event, the end result provided a stunning return to live, fully offline gaming for one of Red Bull's most exciting and evolving esports brands. The content was streamed live not just to Red Bull's own Twitch and YouTube channels but also via multiple Red Bull countries and streamers.

A genuine pleasure to be involved with, echoed by many of the talent line-up, including French fighting game ace and reporter Kayane, who said of the whole production team: "I’ve only seen great comments about the event and production. You made the fighting games community very happy. I am so grateful to have worked with such talented and passionate people."

This was backed up by fellow host and reporter Zhi, who said: "For a moment in time, everything felt right with the world, and I believe this hope transferred across the screen to the spectacular fans...I am honored to have played a small part among such a magnificent crew both on and off camera."

For more information on Fanview's suite of live production tools and expertise, don't hesitate to contact us here.

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