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Project Overview

Fanview partners with Production Associates to deliver the ultimate Fortnite event

In just 7 weeks, Fanview, Production Associates and Epic teams brought together 50 of the world’s most popular Fortnite pro players and 50 Fortnite loving celebrities to compete at the Banc of California stadium in the ultimate Fortnite event.

Fanview worked alongside our friends at Production Associates to deliver all of the broadcast operations, graphics design & delivery as well as all of the programming strategy and executive production.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Create a global Fortnite event that brought together the best Fortnite players and Fortnite loving celebrities


In 7 weeks create a visual spectacle and tell the Fortnite story


Produce a fun and entertaining live event that engages Fortnite fans across the world and keeps them watching for the whole 4 hours

Happy Clients

It’s awesome to see that Epic eight months ago wasn’t doing anything on this scale, and now they’re pulling off an event like this amazingly.

Myth, Fortnite PRO-AM player

Our approach

Fanview worked closely with the management team at Epic Games to put together a compelling editorial concept for the PRO-AM creating 4 hours of fun and engaging live content.

Fanview designed the broadcast graphics toolkit, taking a beautiful set of assets from the game we translated the games colour pallette, fonts and styling into a graphics brand that was instantly recognisable to fans of the game as something that was authentic.

Taking live data from the game, we translated the information into a format that could be used on big screens inside the venue and also part of the broadcast, keeping fans up to date with exactly who had been eliminated from each round of the Battle Royale.

Over 6 million hours of the Fortnite PRO-AM total time watched

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


million total hours watched


million views


million peak concurrents

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