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Super Bowl LII

Project Overview

Fanview & Repronauts deliver stunning scans to 103 million NFL fans for Super Bowl LII

NBC Sports commissioned Fanview & Repronauts to scan 3 NFL players from the New England Patriots; including the team’s legendary, 5 time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady and 3 of their opponents from the Philadelphia Eagles. The scans were used throughout NBC’s Super Bowl LII coverage with the transmission generating the 10th biggest US audience of all time.

Fanview worked closely with the project operations team at Ross Video, to render the high quality scans in real time on Ross’ Frontier platform for the broadcast. The Fanview and Repronaurts teams spent a week at the US Bank stadium in Minneapolis delivering this cutting-edge project.

Understanding the brief

Our objectives


Scan 6 high profile NFL player at the US Bank Stadium in the week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday


Process those scans using an optimised workflow to ensure successful handover to the graphics partner


Apply subtle animations to the scans to give a high quality finish to the final animated players

Our approach

Fanview worked with our partners Repronauts, the Executive Production team at NBC and the Project Operations team at Ross Video to successfully deliver player scans for NBC’s Super Bowl LII coverage.

Fanview oversaw all aspects on the project logistics and management, including the player scanning process, ensuring that we maximised the availability of the 6 major NFL stars in the very short time windows made available to us.

The 6 player scans were rendered on Ross Video’s leading-edge, unreal based Frontier graphics platform. The graphics platform is based on Epic Games’; maker of Fortnite; gaming engine and is one of the new generation graphics renders delivering high quality Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality graphic environments

Super Bowl LII generated an audience of 103 million viewers, the 10th biggest in US history

Fanview's Approach

The results

Delivering on our word

Here are just some of the impressive results that we've achieved:


photorealistic NFL player scans delivered


resolution textures (8K for the face and 8K for the body)


million viewers

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