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Esports Storytelling & Production

The sheer breadth of storytelling available in esports is unparalleled. Yet showcasing the intricacies of these stories is one of the most ambitious challenges in broadcast today due to the breadth of data and speed of simultaneous game play.

In order to generate an engaged and loyal audience, we need to bring the game to life by breaking down the skill, the characters and the people behind them in a digestible and fun way.

Fanview helps extract this untold potential with our unique esports specific broadcast experience, technical expertise and gaming knowledge.

Our in-house team of live production experts boast more than 20 years in the industry, holding senior positions in the world of sports production. We understand the intricacies and challenges of both large and small scale live production and have brought this in depth know-how, skill and editorial prowess to the esports world, combining it with thorough gaming knowledge and a range of bleeding edge production technologies.

Esports Storytelling & Production
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We are able to leverage our significant experience to deliver a range of broadcast, digital and social media products, from creative filmmaking and live show production to innovative, bite-sized content.

We are humbled to have been nominated for the Best Esports Production at the 2019 Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards for our work on the Fortnite Pro-Am in Los Angeles (winner to be announced in October, 2019) along with partner, De Tune Company.

Despite producing one of the world’s largest, and most viewed, esports events in the world, we are just as comfortable working with smaller scale operations and understand the challenges associated with developing new esports audiences and leagues in an ever-expanding market with highly-demanding and knowledgeable audiences. And beyond esports, we are keen to create content appealing to the legion of gaming fans out there. To this end, we have been commissioned to create, produce and deliver Red Bull’s first weekly esports entertainment-based show for their dedicated Twitch channel.

Key Benefits

In Depth Gaming Knowledge

75+ Years Live Production Experience

50+ Yrs Broadcast Technology Expertise

In-house Design & Editorial Team

Low Cost Cloud Production Toolset

Innovative User Experience Design

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