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Live Sports Fan Engagement

Fanview’s Fan Interaction Platform (FIP) is a live, experiential concept allowing fans to meet and interact with their favorite sports stars in an immersive and interactive environment using photo-realistic 3D avatars and live puppeteering.

The FIP allows fans to get closer than ever before to their favorite celebrity or sporting hero and interact in a completely unique way, cementing their love for the game and athlete, and creating authentic, shareable moments for brands.

Live Sports Fan Engagement
Service Preview

Photo-realistic 3D avatars of the athletes are captured using a fully mobile volumetric scanning rig that can be built and operated in a confined space. The scanning process takes less than one minute with each athlete before being processed to deliver the highest quality 3D asset to create a realistic fan interaction.

During this process, the avatars are rigged to allow motion capture data to be applied to them. A live puppeteer is then able to effectively move the avatar using a motion capture suit. Thus they can interact with the fan, generating highly-personalised fun and engaging video footage of the fan and athlete in a bespoke, branded digital environment.

Our producers clip personalised content and distribute it for organic social and digital media, extending the lifecycle of the fan engagement experience, brand activation and creating a lasting memory for the fan involved.

Key Benefits

Fans can engage with their heroes

New sponsorship opportunities

Creates unique, shareable content

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