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Esports & Sports Marketing

As a business Fanview is committed to building and delivering the most engaging fan experiences on the planet - it’s what we think about most.

We truly understand the intricacies of sports and esports as avid fans ourselves. Like traditional sports, esports at its core isn't as much about grand competitions and hard set rules as some may at first feel. Both genres are about bringing the community together and sharing of a common interest. We develop brand and marketing experiences that tell this story and help develop that sense of camaraderie and community - speaking to the heart of the fan.

Esports & Sports Marketing
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We support our clients with marketing and activation services that reach and engage their fan base at a deeper level with lasting results.

Sports and esports audiences can be some of the most devoted yet also some of the most discerning of fans, so we help sports federations or gaming titles partner and engage with brands in a way that feels truly authentic and unique to achieve measurable results such as increased brand recognition, improved viewership, audiences size and engagement levels.

Check out our popular how-to article, [“How to successfully enter the esports market”]().

Key Benefits


We work with our clients to create and construct truly innovative ideas that deliver unique experience for their customers.


Working at the cutting edge of technological innovation means we’re able to maximise fan engagement through new and engaging activations.


Measuring reach and engagement levels is what demonstrates our client’s return on investment.


Our team can be customer facing or behind the scenes.


Benefit from a team packed with specialist broadcast, digital and commercial knowledge


We can help you take that next step forward with a new approach.

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