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3D Scanning

Fanview offers pioneering, cost-effective 3D scanning technology for broadcast and digital use

Capable of scanning a human being in 30 seconds to a photo-realistic level, our portable solution goes wherever it is required; there’s no need to get your broadcast talent or sports stars to come to a remote studio.

Once rendered and treated, the digital scans can be used in a whole range of applications, including VR and AR scenes, traditional broadcast graphics, social media posts and web / mobile applications.

The scans can also be used to create models via a 3D printer.

3D Scanning
Service Preview

All models are supplied fully-rigged, which means we can add motion capture data to fully animate them

The key difference between 360 video capture and “green screen” video is that the animation and models can be changed or altered at any time, such as updating branding or apply a different costume.

The rig is fully portable and takes less than 2 hours to set up. It has a small footprint, requiring a small amount of electricity which means regular wall sockets are sufficient.

Key Benefits


The capture technology is a mobile rig

Fast Set-Up

It can be ready to scan on site in less than 2 hours

High-Speed Scanning

The whole process takes just 30 seconds per subject

Low Processing Time

Fully rigged and processed model available within six hours


Models fully compatible with all current 3D graphics systems


Minimal electricity requirements so can be set up anywhere

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