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Esports Data Collection & Analysis

The sheer breadth of storytelling available in esports is unparalleled. Yet showcasing the intricacies of these stories is one of the most ambitious challenges in broadcast today due to the complexity of the data being produced and the sheer speed of simultaneous game play.

The type and depth of esports data that is possible to extract from games, analyse and display across platforms is vast and varied. Much depends on the genre of game title - be it Battle Royale, MOBA, Fighter Game etc. as to the best way that this can be turned into engaging content to bring the audience closer to the action.

We complete significant due diligence on each title to ensure we are able to get the very best out of the data available using our own data platform to perfectly match the needs of the specific esports audience.

Esports Data Collection & Analysis
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To achieve the best results we can take a number of paths. We have vast experience building bespoke game APIs or we can integrate with existing in-game APIs to feed broadcast & in studio graphics, create social media content and drive overall production decisions.

Our powerful, bespoke API control interface is a highly flexible platform often used to make significant production, broadcast and marketing decisions. Depending on your needs, we can customize this to make it as simple or as in depth as your teams require.

Key Benefits

Bespoke API data integration platform

Flexible Integration Capabilities

Use Data to Power AR and VR

In-depth esports insight for decision-making

Modern User Control Interface

Creative Graphics & Content

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