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Low Cost Production

We are changing the way broadcasters and rights owners/licensees produce live content, particularly for sports or esports events with many countries and venues involved. High quality cloud production can create global content without the need for teams across the world to travel to a central location, which inevitably creates unnecessary costs and significant management.

From capture to production we are re-imagining the live workflow with a cloud-based production model by creating products that allow our customers to optimise their business, giving them new opportunities to produce live engaging content that looks and sounds great, without the hefty price tag normally associated with live production.

Low Cost Production
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Using a state-of-the-art proprietary protocol and a scalable cloud-based live production platform, users can access an array of services and near infinite resources in the cloud. The on-demand platform provides a complete production toolset for professional simultaneous streaming, providing a service only when needed.

Customers can unlock new revenue streams with the production of new content or the tailoring of existing content. This provides additional advertising opportunities through new or existing distribution channels.

Key Benefits

Remote Cloud Production

Centralized Workflows

Remote Working

Fast, High Quality Delivery

Non-linear Collaboration

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