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Next Generation Sports Analysis

Fanview has spent the last two years designing and creating an industry-changing sports analysis experience together with our technology partners, Repronauts and

By integrating the most exciting technologies in sports and entertainment today - volumetric scanning, frictionless motion capture, in-game data and AR / VR, we can recreate moments from any game using animated, photorealistic athlete avatars in 3D, all from camera footage.

Next Generation Sports Analysis
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Frictionless motion capture uses computer vision used to track multiple 2D skeletal data points on the athlete using any type of video source. 2D skeletal points are converted to 3D skeletal points using a machine learning model and an artificial neural network model is then used to track movement based on many thousands of hours of human movement video training.

Finally, 3D skeletal points are used to animate a photo-realistic avatar in near real-time to create the most compelling sports analysis possible.

Imagine recreating Gareth Bale’s historic overhead kick from the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final, with live-rendered, multi-angle analysis of his photorealistic avatar repeating the exact same action. That dream is now a reality with our sophisticated tech workflows and editorial capabilities.

This service provides commentators and analysts with intricate data and compelling visual analysis to dive deeper than ever before into athlete skill and complex sporting moments. This changes the way sports fans understand and therefore engage with the sport and athlete.

Key Benefits

3D Analysis of Athlete Movement

Deeper Fan Engagement

Go Beyond Broadcast Camera footage

Use Any Video Source

Graphics Platform Agnostic

Recreate Any Moment

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